Mobile Wednesday Workshop Slides

지난 주에 열렸던 Mobile Wednesday Workshop의 발표자료들이 공개되어
홈페이지에 올라갔습니다.


관심이 있으셨지만, 참석을 못하셨던 분들은 해당 자료들을 다운로드 받아 참고해보시기 바랍니다.

[9:40 - 10:00] K1-1: Web expands the value of consumer electronics at Saumsung -- by Kil-Su Eo (Samsung Electronics) [slides]

[10:00-10:20] K1-2: Future of the Mobile Web -- by Daniel Appelquist (Vodafone) [slides]

[10:20-10:35] S1-1: W3C MWI Standardization Activity -- by Jo Rabin (MWBP WG Co-Chair of W3C, mTLD) [

[10:35-10:50] S1-2: Towards the Web of Things -- by Dave Raggett (UWA WG Chair of W3C, Justsystems) [

[10:50-11:00] S1-3: Mobile Web 2.0 Forum Standardization Activities-- by Seungyun Lee (MOK TF Chair of Mobile Web2.0 Forum, ETRI) [

[11:00-12:00] Panel Discussion - MobileOK in Korea [Senarios], [Topic]

[TIME] S3-2: Real Web Experience on Mobile -- by SoonHo Lee (App WG Chair of Mobile Web 2.0 Forum, SK Telecom) [slides]

[TIME] S3-3: The Office on the Move, Boundless Office -- by Jaehyun Park (CTO, ThinkFree) [slides]

[TIME] S3-4: Future Widget on the Mobile -- by Charles Pyo (CEO, Wizard Works Inc. ) [slides]

[TIME] S3-5: Daum Development Strategy for Mobile Device -- by Sunjin Kim (Daum Communications) [slides]

[TIME] S5-1: What is Future Strategy for Telecom Players toward Mobile Web 2.0? : Focusing on Mobile Web 2.0 as an Platform Strategy -- by David Kim (ROA Group) [slides]

[TIME] S5-2: Blogging and knowledge-based social network -- by Chang W. Kim (CEO, TNC) [slides]

[TIME] S5-3: WIBRO MOBILE SERVICE -- by Ok-kyung Kim (KTH) [slides]

[TIME] S5-5: Future of Mobile Web - Glimpses: Japan -- by Christopher Billich (Infinita) [slides]

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