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  1. 2008.03.08 구글 캘린더와 아웃룩 동기화

구글 캘린더와 아웃룩 동기화

구글에서 공식 툴이 공지되었네요. :)

덕분에 구글 캘린더를 중심으로 유무선 일정 관리 연계가 더욱 쉽게 될 것 같아 보이네요. :)


Get started

To begin syncing, follow the steps below:

  1. To download Google Calendar Sync, visit http://dl.google.com/googlecalendarsync/GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe
  2. Once a dialog box appears, click "Save File." The download should open automatically. If it doesn't, manually open the download from your browser's download window.
  3. Click "OK" to confirm that you're aware this is an executable file.
  4. Read through the Google Calendar Sync Terms of Service, and click "I Agree."
  5. Continue to follow through the Installation Options and click "Install" to finish the set-up process.
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