W3C Video on the Web Workshop

좀 지난 소식이긴 합니다만 지난해 12월 W3C 주관으로 열렸던 Video on the Web Workshop에 대한 정리 보고서가 공개되었습니다.

42개의 포지션 페이퍼들이 접수가 되었는데 해당 논문들과 워크샵 회의록 내용도 함께 살펴보실 수 있습니다.

Scene from Video on the Web Workshop 

2008-02-19: The report of the W3C Video on the Web Workshop is now available. Thirty-seven organizations discussed video and audio codecs, spatial and temporal addressing, metadata, digital rights management, accessibility, and other topics related to ensuring the success of video as a "first class citizen" of the Web. W3C thanks Cisco for hosting the Workshop, which took place 12-13 December 2007 simultaneously in San Jose, California and Brussels, Belgium. Read the forty-two position papers and Workshop minutes. W3C welcomes feedback on the Report and the topic of video on the Web at public-video-comments@w3.org (archive). (Photo credit: Bob Freund. Permalink)

뒤이어 일본 동경에서도 Video on the Web 세미나가 3월 14일에 개최될 예정으로 있습니다.

W3C invites the public to join a seminar on "Video on the Web" on 14 March 2008 from 13:00-15:30 at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan; the meeting page is available in Japanese. Philippe Le Hégaret, co-chair of the W3C Video on the Web Workshop (December 2007 in Brussels) will present a report on that Workshop. The seminar also includes a panel session with Web Video industry specialists in Japan to discuss current practices and future direction on "Video on the Web" in Japan. All sessions will be held in Japanese (except Philippe's talk), and one-by-one interpretation between English and Japanese will be provided for Philippe's talk and the panel session. There are a limited number of seats available. Please use the registration page, also in Japanese. (Permalink)

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    감사합니다. 좋은 자료를 보았습니다.

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      W3C 대한민국 사무국에서 보고서를 한글로 번역한 것이 있습니다. http://www.w3c.or.kr/Translation/video_report.html 에서 보시면 됩니다. :)